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Reporting with Innospec

We have worked with Innospec for the last four years, helping to develop their reporting strategy. This global company needs to communicate in five languages and reach employees and stakeholders located all over the world. The annual sustainability report was produced in English and distributed in print and posted as an interactive pdf online. Through the materiality process. carried out by IMS, it became clear that management and employees needed information in a more accessible format that they could quickly pick-up and use to explain the company’s strategy.

We developed a tri-fold highlights document that included clear infographics and was translated into all the company’s languages. As we helped develop their communications strategy, we worked with the sustainability team to develop a website that presents their report content in engaging html pages.

To accompany the launch of the report and website, we developed a short animation that explains their strategy quickly and effectively. The increased accessibility of information has helped employees, management and customers engage easily with the information, helping interest and support for the sustainability team’s activities grow.

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