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Materiality with Morgan Sindall Group

Understanding stakeholders expectations in terms of sustainability is critical for Morgan Sindall Group. Customers expect them to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of their work and have mature plans in place to manage these. The looming skills criris in construction means that graduates – who as a generation are sustainability focused – want their employers to be acting responsibly. Plus the communities and local authorities they work alongside need to trust that they will leave a positive legacy.

Since 2015 IMS have run an internal and external stakeholder materiality assessment for the Group on a biannual basis. Working with their various divisional businesses we devise a consultation structure that will give us answers at a Group, divisional and regional level. We then deliver an online consultation and a series of stakeholder interviews to gather the detail.

The findings are delivered through reporting, infographic communications and presentations to ensure every corner of the business understands the current sustainability landscape and how they can react to it. Morgan Sindall Group make their materiality report public and you can view it here.

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