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Employee Consultation with ERIKS

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

As part of the ongoing development of ERIKS sustainability approach the business wanted to find out more about its employees sustainability drivers – both at work and at home – to help them plan their responsible business approach. IMS helped ERIKS develop an online employee sustainability consultation, delivered in four languages, which we now run on a biannual basis for them.

The purpose of the consultation is to identify the sustainability issues that are most pertinent to address across the very different geographies in which ERIKS operates; then understand what processes, training, support and communications need to be put in place to tackle these issues effectively. The findings also feed into a wider materiality process undertaken by the business.

IMS’ StakeholderTALK tool was utilised to deliver the multilingual survey, with IMS devising the consultation question structure, building the online tool and working alongside ERIKS marketing teams to get it distributed online and in paper form for site based workers.

The findings from the consultation are being used to help shape ERIKS 2019 sustainability strategy and employees feel more engaged in the agenda due to their voices being heard.

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