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Driving behavioural change with eLearning

Frequently clients come to us asking how they can get their sustainability strategy firmly embedded with employees. The holy grail is to have a workforce with a ‘big S’ frame of mind, who always consider the sustainability opportunities and risks when undertaking their day-to-day tasks.

The reality is without actively driving a significant step change in workforce behaviour and understanding, many sustainability directors find they struggle to meet their ongoing strategy targets once the initial ‘quick wins’ have been won.

Often we recommend training as part of the solution. eLearning is a natural choice for businesses that are large, complex and geographically diverse. Unfortunately we have come across plenty of dry, unfocused greenwash sustainability eLearning modules before now – those that fail to answer the questions employees need answers to: WHAT are the key issues, WHY should I care and HOW do I tackle them in my role and learn from others.

With this in mind we have put together an infographic guide to sustainability eLearning which you can download here. We have delivered engaging and effective sustainability eLearning to thousands of client employees worldwide, but whether you choose to work with us or go down another route this guide should give you a good steer.

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