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Recent industry awards in the world of reporting go to Coop, WWF, Myer, Teck, C&A, Heineken, and IKEA. They were dished out at Ethical Corporation’s Eighth Annual Responsible Business Awards on 16th Oct in London.


At IMS we look for reporting to have impact and not just be a book! And so we note what is happening at the 11th Annual Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit in London today where GRI’s CEO said, “It’s not about the report, it’s about what the report can produce”. So it must have impact.


Paul Simpson from CDP said that reports without data can’t be trusted – a notion we’ve long agreed with (IMS is a CDP partner organisation).


The SDG’s are certainly receiving due attention – some speakers suggesting that alignment with them could be a business norm by 2030. This could be the case as long as companies apply the materiality principle and focus on what is relevant to them and their stakeholders.


The Summit notes how TFCD is starting to be used, how China is looking to make reporting mandatory, France’s Article 143 on mandatory climate disclosure, and how the EU’s disclosure Directive is progressing.


Back later!


Alex Nichols

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